I am a magazine hoarder. If I had more money, I am 100% sure I would spend it on an excessive amount of magazines - and clothes. I have a list of magazines that I still need to buy before they disappear forever.  
Of course I'm well acquainted with Vogue and Harper's Bazaar but I've always been more into the lesser known titles, the ones that only come out a few times a year. I find that they are less commercial orientated and much more creative, less trend-based ways of presenting fashion as an art form. 
Inspired by Chapter Friday's monthly instalment, I have decided to share my own monthly favourites. Because they are too pretty not to share. Also - a good excuse for me to flash my (basic) snazzy gif-making skillz. Check it. 

And to kick off the year: Please! Magazine

This French beauty, which focuses on fashion, jewellery and art, is something I picked up way back in October in Selfridges but it is the one issue I always find myself drawn to whenever I decide I don't want to get out of bed on a Sunday morning. Which is almost always.

I'm not sure if this issue is still available (sorry!) but here are a few things which particularly took my fancy:

1. Editorial: Pyjama Party - so much pink and girliness and dreaminess in an editorial. I'm completely obsessed with the retro vibes they channeled in this, and the jewellery is incredible.

2. Outstanding Illustrators: this feature on Ana Strumpf's collage/doodle work on iconic magazine covers is SO much fun. Makes me wish I wish a little bit (lot) better at drawing

3. Adorable Artistry: a focus on 8 jewellery designers to crush on. As a jewellery minimalist, seeing these beautiful pieces has definitely made me want to expand my collection and make room for some more unique pieces. The beautiful styling definitely helps the case. 



Somewhere along the way, in the last year or so, I started neglecting this blog. I found that my heart wasn't in it as much as it used to be and I was stuck in what sort of content to post. You see, as with everything I do (maybe with the exception of homework), I wanted my blog to be the best it could be. But I found myself struggling with creating content that I thought was worthy of being posted on the internet. So... I decided to put this blog into hibernation mode a few months back.

But recently, the blog has been in the back of my mind and I have decided to re-invent Noise and Confusion and make it something that I want to commit to. And realistically, I think I may find that the blog will be a little less fashion orientated. As you may or may not have realised, I am not exactly the best in front of the camera and can get a little (or extremely) awkward in front of the camera. I will definitely include bits and pieces of fashion, but it looks like I may be going in a different direction - we'll have to see.
 It's only January but I have been reading, plotting and planning (sounds like an evil plan - it's not, I promise!) over the past few weeks - so hopefully I will be able to get some things out here on the world wide web again. I've realised recently that I have a pretty optimistic outlook and perhaps am too ambitious - but I'm trying to make good on my promises this year.

It may be a few weeks or so until I actually post something,  but I promise I will see you in (the rest of) 2015 amigos! 

P.S. If anyone has any great ideas/suggestions, it would be awesome to hear what you guys think.
P.P.S. I also realise that after a six-month break, it is likely that I am talking to myself on the internet. I can work with that. 



Mango Coat, And Other Stories Tee, Uniqlo Jeans, ASOS rings

From these photos you would never be able to guess the madness that took place in the day. These are from a couple of Sundays ago, in which I spent the majority of the day arguing with my sister about where to take photos.... and then proceeding to go on a wild goose chase for a 14 year old around Westbourne Grove. Yup, sisterly love. 
I swear to God I am becoming more and more awkward in front of the camera: I can't do photos in public anymore without feeling like someone is watching me. (They probably are.)
However I couldn't pass up posting these two shots. I love a good bit of colour and this brilliant green wall is no exception. Man, I love West London.
I've been super busy lately with a really really awesome internship with The Apartment during LFW last weekend and.. well.. school. A levels are going to end me soon - and I'm only in week 3. 
Hope you're all doing better than I am. X



Happy Sunday (evenings) bunnies!
This was supposed to be posted this morning so it may seem a bit inconveniently timed.... BUT oh look: a recipe for brunch! So simple, so healthy, so delicious. Perfect for brunch or breakfast for dinner, everyone's two favourite meals (or at least, mine!) It only consists of a few ingredients which you'll probably already have in your kitchen and takes a mere half an hour to cook. Another plus, is how good it looks. You can check out the recipe HERE.
Hope you're all doing well. First day of sixth form was fine - despite the fact that I handed in two unfinished essays (sorry teachers!) I'm dreading to think about how much work I have ahead of me in these next two years but I reckon if I take it a day at a time I won't be too overwhelmed. Hopefully. 
In other news: next weekend I'm doing something that's very exciting and LFW related. More to come soon!