Let me introduce you to one of my favourite little corners in London. Tucked away right, just off Broadway Market, is Netil Market. It's a cool little Saturday market in a yard, decked out in containers as shops, and independent market sellers. The highlight is obviously the food - specifically the Bao, but I definitely wouldn't overlook the cheese toasties either. 
We spent a rather chilly Saturday here, eating (a lot) and exploring, before heading over to Schoolyard Market for doughnuts. What better way to spend a weekend. X

P.S. Crosstown Doughnuts are a DREAM. Would definitely recommend any with a chocolate ganache filling. So delicious.
P.P.S. Maybe I spent perhaps £8 on desserts and cakes in various market stalls at Broadway, Netil and Schoolyard. No ragrets



Now I'm pretty sure that Patty & Bun isn't a place that needs any introduction, so I guess it's enough to say that it's pretty darn good. After seeing countless foodie snaps on Instagram over the past year or so, Patty & Bun has been on my London (restaurant) hit-list. Last week we managed to get ourselves to the James Street branch - a little hole in the wall - before the dinner rush and finally got a taste of what everyone's been talking about. 

Between the three of us we ordered a smokey robinson burger, a buttermilk fried chicken burger, wings and the rosemary fries. Now let me start by saying that everything we ordered was good. Like seeeriously good. Extra vowels for emphasis. 

The wings were deeelish - sticky and sweet and crunchy. And such a good deal at £5.50 for 9. We didn't finish these as we were utterly stuffed so we got to take these home and make them last even longer. 

Now onto the burgers...
Just look at that. The smokey robinson was just SO good. Easily one of the best burgers I've had in London (here's looking at you Bleecker St.). The combo of the juicy medium-rare patty with cheese, heaps of caramelised onions and the smokey mayo was perfectly complimented by the brioche bun. 

And whilst we're at it. Check out the chicken burger - obviously my sister was a little too impatient to let me take a better picture. But I don't blame her. The buttermilk chicken was crispy and tender and went so well with the asian slaw. So much good.

Although our little trip totally destroyed any concept of healthy eating I tried to maintain this week, it was completely worth it. If any of you are local, or visiting London, I would definitely recommend popping in - but definitely get in there early. You wouldn't want to be waiting for this!



Uniqlo coat, Monki T-shirt, Uniqlo jeans, Urban Outfitters scarf, Zara backpack, Charles & Keith boots

Hello internet! It's me again.  I've come back for the gazillionth time to see if I can make this work. Maybe this time you'll get to see more of my chubby little face. 

I spent my Wednesday traipsing around London with my mum and sister, eating everything in sight,  followed by a visit to the V&A to check out the Wedding Dresses exhibition (the second time for me) using my membership card. It was so nice out so I took the opportunity to take some photos in the sunshiney gardens before we hopped on a bus to St. Christopher's place for some good grub at Patty & Bun. So good that I'll probably dedicate a whole post to it - working on it. 

I've started wearing my contact lenses again, and I feel like a new person (seriously) -- although they are a bitch to put in. But I think sometimes change can be good. We'll see.  

I guess since I haven't posted an outfit for a rather long time I should introduce you to my current winter staples. As in, the only things I ever wear out.. ever. The uniqlo teddy bear coat is the warmest bit of outerwear I've owned, it practically doubles as a dressing gown. I literally never take it off - in fact, I'm currently wearing it as I type this. The scarf and backpack, both received as gifts, are from Urban Outfitters and Zara and are regularly on rotation. 

I think it must be something about winter and the lack of morning light that make me a lazy dresser. I'm hoping that as spring gets closer, I can pull myself of this perpetual sartorial rut. 

Hope you're all fine and dandy this week!
Yasmin. X



I am a magazine hoarder. If I had more money, I am 100% sure I would spend it on an excessive amount of magazines - and clothes. I have a list of magazines that I still need to buy before they disappear forever.  
Of course I'm well acquainted with Vogue and Harper's Bazaar but I've always been more into the lesser known titles, the ones that only come out a few times a year. I find that they are less commercial orientated and much more creative, less trend-based ways of presenting fashion as an art form. 
Inspired by Chapter Friday's monthly instalment, I have decided to share my own monthly favourites. Because they are too pretty not to share. Also - a good excuse for me to flash my (basic) snazzy gif-making skillz. Check it. 

And to kick off the year: Please! Magazine

This French beauty, which focuses on fashion, jewellery and art, is something I picked up way back in October in Selfridges but it is the one issue I always find myself drawn to whenever I decide I don't want to get out of bed on a Sunday morning. Which is almost always.

I'm not sure if this issue is still available (sorry!) but here are a few things which particularly took my fancy:

1. Editorial: Pyjama Party - so much pink and girliness and dreaminess in an editorial. I'm completely obsessed with the retro vibes they channeled in this, and the jewellery is incredible.

2. Outstanding Illustrators: this feature on Ana Strumpf's collage/doodle work on iconic magazine covers is SO much fun. Makes me wish I wish a little bit (lot) better at drawing

3. Adorable Artistry: a focus on 8 jewellery designers to crush on. As a jewellery minimalist, seeing these beautiful pieces has definitely made me want to expand my collection and make room for some more unique pieces. The beautiful styling definitely helps the case.