Happy Sunday (evenings) bunnies!
This was supposed to be posted this morning so it may seem a bit inconveniently timed.... BUT oh look: a recipe for brunch! So simple, so healthy, so delicious. Perfect for brunch or breakfast for dinner, everyone's two favourite meals (or at least, mine!) It only consists of a few ingredients which you'll probably already have in your kitchen and takes a mere half an hour to cook. Another plus, is how good it looks. You can check out the recipe HERE.
Hope you're all doing well. First day of sixth form was fine - despite the fact that I handed in two unfinished essays (sorry teachers!) I'm dreading to think about how much work I have ahead of me in these next two years but I reckon if I take it a day at a time I won't be too overwhelmed. Hopefully. 
In other news: next weekend I'm doing something that's very exciting and LFW related. More to come soon!



Hiiii all! Hope you're all doing fine and dandy! I'm in an extremely chipper mood as I type this as I've been going through the prints of my disposable camera from Reading. Last Thursday I was a jittery mess in anticipation of receiving my GCSE results. BUT it turns out I had nothing to worry about as I received much much more than I expected! I was a very happy bunny indeed, and headed off to Reading to celebrate the weekend away with all my buds. It was honestly the best weekend ever and I would do anything to be where I was this time last week - sitting on a broken chair around a pile of trash, face coated in neon face paint and glitter.
Highlights included: Arctic Monkeys, Bombay Bicycle Club, Vampire Weekend, Foster the People, The 1975 and dancing my face off with my pals at the dance tent and the silent disco. Not to mention ending up at the bottom of a pile-up following the mosh pit at the Kooks! (Which is mental?!! A mosh pit at the Kooks?!?)
Back to school next week so looks like it's time for me to actually start reading the books I was assigned for English Lit.... After initially getting quite into Atonement, part two onwards seems to be a snore. And don't even get me started on the essays and algebra!! I'm already drowning in school work and haven't even started sixth form yet - SEND HELP ASAP



Another late post... Sorry! Just a little run through of my morning in Manchester a couple of weekends back with my family and little pup, through a series of (mostly) squares. I realise it's only a sneak peek of two places, but both were such gems that I felt compelled to share with you all. It was relieving to be away from home, even if it was only for a few days. Although, I did get rather sick of my dad's persistence towards taking tourist pictures in every irrelevant place photo. (Most notably the random candid in front of Primark? #asiandad) Anyway, I'm happier to be home now and back on track with my projects, one of which is redecorating my room! More to come soon, hope you're all well. Xx
P.S. Apologies in advance for a super photo-heavy post! 

We scoured the net to find the best place for brunch in the city and Home Sweet Home did not disappoint us at all. It definitely levels with the brunches that I have back home.
Highlight of the meal: the BEST Nutella and toasted marshmallow milkshake eeever. Seriously. Didn't even take my time to savour this, lapped it all up before my food came. Too good. 
Also good but not as good: the poached eggs on toasted sourdough with a side of spinach. My go-to brunch of choice and Home Sweet Home certainly did it some justice. Just... not as good as the truffled poached eggs I get at a local place!

I have yet to find an art shop as cool as Fred Aldous in London but maybe I haven't really tried hard enough. Anyway, this place is seriously awesome. (Side note: I've been using this word far too much, suggestions on a better word maybe? Please?) It's full of fun crafty things and two vintage chemical photo booths - one colour and one black and white. The sister and I opted for the B&W and unsurprisingly, I pulled mugshot faces in all four. Double chins galore. 



A horrible curated and weird collection of photos from Southbank's current Festival of Love, which I visited a couple of weeks back. Despite the mess that is this post, I wanted to share these photos from my day with my sister they were too good not to share. The festival is hard to miss, with huge neon installations and typography dotted around the South Bank centre. A little crazy, whimsical and a whole lot of fun. Definitely worth checking out if you're looking for something a little artsy in London - or even if you're not. What's not to love about hanging origami birds and giant light installations?