Vogue Festival

A little roundup of the Vogue Festival from a couple of weeks back! I've been stupidly busy with school and such, with GCSEs coming up in just over a month. 
This year's Festival was fantastic, with great talks from Lucinda Chambers, Alexa Chung and Amanda Harlech as well as the life-ruining supers. 
By life ruining, I mean that Karlie, Rosie, Edie and Jourdan (yes, we're on first name terms) are all stupid amounts of gorgeous in the flesh that they ruin your life. Not to mention the fact that are also incredibly charismatic and charming in their own way. Out of the three talks I went to, Sunday morning's with the Supers was definitely the most entertaining with each model telling their anecdotes about boys, test shoots with Mario Testino at the age of 13 and the infamous models' apartments. 
Tip: don't take selfies with models, they'll enhance the fact that you look like a potato by at least 10000.I was super lucky to meet all four of the models (and Chung!) after their talk but obviously they all completely upstaged me by looking effortlessly radiant/flawless/whatever in each one. You can also take a peek at one of the only decent photos I got with Karlie on my Instagram, just before she did one of her live shoots on site. Following our little one-on-one chat, I can now assure you that we are best friends. Yep, we're best friends. 
Any who, I'm sorry for my lack of presence on the blog but it doesn't seem like I'll be around for the next couple of months with all the studying that I have to do. I hate to be so annoying/repetitive and sound like a broken record but these school is super important at the moment!



Forever21 top, Monki Kimono, H&M jeans, jewellery from Indonesia
Happy Sunday lovers! Sorry for my absence (again), I may/may not have been distracted by the fantastic weather recently. Although it isn't normal to be having 18 degree weather at this time of year (for England anyway), I'm not complaining in the slightest!
If you follow me on Instagram, you'll find that I've been procrastinating in the highest form by whisking myself away to London and 'studying' at juice bars/cafes. The weather has been wonderful recently and it would certainly be wrong of me not to take advantage of it, surely. Am I right?
Sadly, I haven't been documenting my outfits along the way but today I finally remembered and forced my sister into photographing me in the garden. It seems that the more I do this.... the more awkward I get in front of a camera. Almost everything worn has already been featured on the blog, except this new cut-away top for Forever21 which I am obsessed with! It's definitely going to be a favourite in the coming months. 
I'm not going to bore you with all the talk of studying because, as you all can probably guess, I have done very little of it. What I have done is updated my wardrobe with a few bits and pieces so hopefully I'll be able to post about those soon. 
Hope you're all doing well! xo



Topshop jumper, Uniqlo jeans, Zara fur

I've been spending my half-term trying to relax as much as possible and get as much done before I'm on lockdown for GCSE revision coming up soon. (HELP!!!!) This was done by taking advantage of the weather and spending my Friday and Saturday in the city with friends, as well as my sister and mum.
Friday's adventures with Anna and Sophia, in which we walked absolutely everywhere, started with Notting Hill. We stopped at practically every row of coloured houses to take photographs, often exchanging iPhones with tourists in order to get group shots. After the abundance of tourist snaps,we (unrealistically) agreed yesterday that the three of us would rent a place out in Notting Hill in our gap year.
 Today I continued the walking streak with my mum and sister in the Marylebone area to St. Christopher's Place and then eventually Oxford Street. Somewhere along the way we came across the most adorable sweet shop, which I coincidentally matched with, in my candy coloured jumper! We finished off the afternoon with a spot of shopping and some good Japanese food.
Other good things that happened recently: I got £20 tickets to 3 events at Vogue Festival - I am so happy to be seeing Alexa, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Karlie Kloss as well as attending a talk about getting into the Fashion Industry. ALSO seeing Taylor Swift live and she was FANTASTIC!!! Nothing less than I expected and she was absolutely gorgeous in real life. I was debating whether or not to post any pictures on here but decided that the photos weren't good enough quality. 
Unfortunately though, it's back to school on Monday and a pile of unfinished homework awaits me in the morning. I'm beginning to wonder why I'm wide awake at 1AM, watching Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift. Getting back into the school routine is going to be terrible. Hope you're all doing well!
P.S. I made a twitter account for this blog @noise_confusion
Would be cool if you guys wanna follow me on there (hint hint), it's looking a bit lonely at the moment!



Zara fur vest, Alexa Chung's IT, Autumn/Winter Lula, Asos iPhone case, necklaces from Indonesia

This week has been the slowest and most miserable week of 2014 so far and the weather has made it 100x worse. The most horrific winds have taken over England and it has been absolutely freezing. I'd initially planned to do an outfit post but it has just been waay too cold. I've been trying to avoid going out as much as possible but last night I had a little pick-me-up in the form of my dear friend's birthday party, which ended up being an all girls dance party. Nothing better than a bit of dancing, togas and cakes. 
In other news, tomorrow night I'm going to see Taylor Swift with my friend Katrina and her sister and I literally could not be anymore excited!(!!!) I think I should be a little bit more embarrassed about my total obsessiveness with her, but after seeing her perform in the past I think my non-guilty guilty pleasure is totally justifiable. And let's be honest, she's just the biggest babe ever.
I hope you're all keeping warm in this weather and have had better weeks than I've had! I'm spending my sunday doing homework; I couldn't be more glad that in a week it's half term.