Spent the majority of my weekend in London and in bed and I could not be happier! It was so good to be back in the city after my busy schedule separated us for a long month. I spent saturday shopping in Opening Ceremony before meeting my friend for lunch and some more shopping. I went a little bit crazy and ended up buying Alexander Wang (!!) at Opening Ceremony, leaving me with no money to buy anything other than lunch. Definitely a crazy impulse purchase but considering I managed to nab Wang at 60% off, I'm not too mad at myself. I've reasoned this purchase as a reward for my fantastic efforts in school work, obviously.. 
I've spent this past week going over the idea of starting a girls online magazine featuring art, culture, fashion, feminism etc but there's just so many girls zines at the moment I'm not sure when the right time is or how even to get this started. Would be very open to ideas, if anyone had any - I'd love some fellow bloggers to be contributors! 


  1. lovely fur vest <3
    anyway are u studying in London?? i'm gonna take master program there :D


  2. Rad post! Ahhhh wang at 60% winning! Is the Leandra book good? I love her so much. Loving your blog, followed xxxx

    1. thank you! yes leandra's book is super funny - made me love her even more! x

  3. love your blog! just bookmarked it.

    would love you to give me some advice on my blog! im trying to make it as good as possible :)


  4. Awesome photos.. love your boots peeping on one of the pics! xx opinionslave.com